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3.5 Meters Cnc Double Column Vertical Lathe
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3.5 Meters Cnc Double Column Vertical Lathe

Brand : Qinghong

Product origin : Qingdao

Delivery time : generally about 1 month

Supply capacity : 100 units

1. This series of machines for single-arm CNC type. It is indicated by "CK52_". used to high-speed steel, carbide cutting tools, on the ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and some non-metallic materials, cylindrical surface,Inside and outside the cone, the end, Trough and other rough, finishing.

2. The main drive of the machine: driven by a three-phase AC variable frequency motor to achieve different speeds through high and low speed conversion. But also through the main motor controller to achieve stepless speed regulation to meet the processing requirements of different parts.

3. Spindle with adjustable high precision double row cylindrical stud bearings radial centering, table rail cross-flow static pressure rail, high precision rotary bearing capacity, thermal deformation small.

4. Tool holder with square ram, Configuration balance cylinder, Horizontal fast-moving slide using cross-flow static pressure technology. Horizontal and vertical feed by the AC servo drive system,, the precision planetary gear reducer connected to the precision ball screw, to achieve the feed and rapid turret, stepless adjustable.

5. The basic parts of the machine are all cast, processed and installed by our company. The castings are made of high-quality HT300 cast iron. After aging at high temperature and secondary aging treatment with vibration aging, the internal stress of the castings can be fully eliminated. Beams, columns, ram rails all through the audio frequency quenching.

6. The machine is configured to move the work station, the beams and the lower column of the crossbeam are equipped with a protective cover.

7. According to user requirements can be added to install grinding device, which can be achieved within the hole and cylindrical grinding finishing.

machine tool modelCK5225CKQ5235CKQ5240CK5235CK5240CKQ5250
Maximum cutting diametermm250035004000350040005000
Workbench diametermm225028003150308036004000
The maximum workpiece heightmm1600
The maximum workpiece weightT202020323232
Machine weight (about)T333842424855
Arbor specificationsmm40脳5040脳5040脳5040脳5040脳5040脳50
Right vertical turret maximum cutting forceKN353535353535
Left vertical turret maximum cutting forceKN303030303030
Workbench maximum torqueKN.m636363808080
Workbench speed seriesStep222444
Workbench speedr/min2-632-632-633-403-403-40
Tool carrier feed rangemm/min2-25002-25002-25002-25002-25002-2500
Tool carrier horizontal travelmm140018502150200023002800
Tool carrier vertical travelmm120012001200140014001400
Vertical Tool carrier moving limitdegree卤30掳卤30掳卤30掳卤30掳卤30掳卤30掳
Rafting specificationsmm200200200200200200
Bench guide rail
Static pressureStatic pressureStatic pressureStatic pressureStatic pressureStatic pressure
main motor powerKw454545555555
Machine Dimensions (L 脳 W 脳 H)L mm5800670074008750935010350
W mm460051505150540057006200
H mm470047004700815081508150

The use of Taiwan's high-precision ball screw drive, high-speed vibration, high positioning accuracy, excellent servo drive performance; bearing capacity at the same time, cutting anti-vibration performance, can improve the performance characteristics of machine tools to improve machine tool accuracy and accuracy of stability and machine tools Service life.


Servo reducer with high precision, torque, strong steel, long life, low noise and so on.


1. Protection class IP55, high protection will extend the service life.

2. Class F insulation insulation, insulation system to improve life expectancy.

3. The voltage level Three-phase AC 380 volts Frequency 50Hz

4. The choice of high-quality grease, extending bearing life.


Through the high and low gear speed and stepless speed regulation, the spindle torque at any speed to maximize output.

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